Description of the Ideal Dairy Goat

  • Level top line with a forward incline
  • Long body with a deep barrel
  • Brisket extension for support of the barrel
  • Tight shoulders
  • Elbows that stay tight to the body
  • Toes straight ahead in front and rear
  • Hocks spaced nicely apart and not turned in
  • Flat long rump that is level from side to side
  • Rump that when viewed from the front of the goat is wide at the hips going down to even wider at the pins and then narrowing again toward the tail
  • Udders attached wide and high
  • 2 sizeable teats

Please note that the images below are not my original images.  I do not have the original creator of these images so credited is not cited.  Although many images did come from an ADGA source.

Parts of the Goat and Ideal Examples

Ideal vs. Not Ideal