Our Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) are all Great Pyrenees.  These big white dogs are essential for protecting our herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats, but are also very fun to have around!  Theme names for the dogs are all Greek Gods/Goddesses.

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(The God of War)

In charge of the larger doe herd, Ares is a superb example of the Great Pyrenees.  He is very intelligent, a natural guardian and is the natural leader on the farm.  He is a fierce protector of his herd and I always know he is watching the farm.  He is serious and I always describe him as an "old soul".  He disciplines the other dogs and shows them how to be the best LGD.  He is the sire to all of our puppies.

Currently paired with Athena.


(God of the Sky and Thunder, King of the Gods)

Leader of the buck herd.  Pictured here as a teenager and slower to mature, he is a very playful boy but protects his goats!  He is a castrated male.

Currently paired with Hera.

Athena and Puppies 2/11/17, 15 days


(Goddess of Wisdom, Reasoning and Intelligence)

An exceptional guardian that is sweet and kind to all the livestock.  She loves babies, both her's and the goats!

Currently paired with Ares in the doe field.


(Goddess of Marriage and Birth)

Currently paired with Zeus.

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Our Puppies

We generally have one to two litters a year.  Puppies are all vet examined, dewormed, fecals and have their first vaccinations. We find that socialization is important to have the dogs that we desire and they are raised with our goats and have attention from our children.

We take exceptional care of our Livestock Guardian Dogs.  Parents are all on Heartworm and Flea/Tick preventative, up to date on their vaccinations, groomed and socialized.  They all come from a long line of working dogs and show natural guardian tendencies early on.  They are raised with our goats and treated as a vital part of our herd.

Are they registered?  Simple answer is no.  The longer answer is that when purchasing the Great Pyrenees it was very important for me to find actual working dogs, not just dogs from working lines.  I found that most working dogs used as LGD’s were not AKC registered.  Most AKC registered dogs were show dogs or family pets and were not actively working as a guardian, which led me to purchase dogs that were not “registered” but contained more of the traits I was looking for in a LGD.  Our puppies come from working and active livestock guardian dogs.


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January 27, 2017  Aries x Athena Litter 8 puppies (4 girls, 4 boys)

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