**Raising goats has a constant learning curve.  Many things affect your herd including area of the country, environmental factors, other animals and overall health of the herd.  This is how I manage my herd which can and will change according to my herd and their needs.  Some things work and some things don’t so I will change around according to each individual animal and my herd.**​​

Goats are fun and generally easy to care for.  They are relatively inexpensive to maintain (check FAQ for costs) and will bring a lot of entertainment to your life!  They are good with children and if you have a safe environment with adequate shelter and provide good nutrition they generally are low maintenance.  When there are extreme temperature's more care is needed such as extra water or hay.  They do need care and can not just be left without attention for any amount of time.

Check out the other pages for more in depth details about their care. I also put in my Livestock Guardian Dogs care because they are part of my herd.

Daily Care

  • Even with a herd of 40-50 I can do all this in about 30 minutes.  Generally I do take more time because I enjoy them!
  • WATER-Always have a clean and abundant water supply
  • Hay and Grain
  • Check minerals
  • Observe the herd and TLC (this is the fun part)
  • Check Fencing
  • Feed the LGD
  • Milking depending on my milking schedule (this takes more time)

Monthly Care

  • Check fecals and/or use the FAMACHA method (more frequent in the summer time
  • Deworm if needed
  • LGD get their Heartworm, Flea/Tick Preventative

Quarterly and Annual Care

Quarterly I have a goat day where I go through the herd and check the individual animals, record FAMACHA scores, body scores, weights and Copper/Bo-Se.  It is a very long day!

  • Vaccinate as needed
  • Disease Testing
  • LDG annual vaccination's
  • Copper Bolus (3x-4x year)
  • BoSe Injection (2-4x year)
  • Trim Hooves (Some I do more frequently, some less)
  • Shave down