Eli's Page

Eli was a very sweet miniature donkey that was a pet on my farm, he was not used as a livestock protector.  I had three miniature donkey's which Eli and Ben are brothers and look identical.  I try very hard to keep protective fencing and a safe area for all my animals.

Despite this, tragedy happened at my farm.  I want to give this example as a reason why you should keep your goats as protected as possible, hopefully use a proper livestock guardian and always be aware of what might can happen.

It was about midnight on a cold winter night and we started to hear noise in the field and my miniature horse and two of my miniature donks running around the field.  My husband was instantly out the door and in the barn where the noise was coming from.  There he found two unknown pit bull or pit bulls crosses attacking our little donkey.  He forcefully chased them away from the donkey and discovered that he was hurt.

We immediately loaded him into the trailer and took him to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.  They are very good for large animal emergencies.  See images of his injuries below.

They were 50/50 on his recovery but I wanted to give him a chance.  Especially by the time we cleaned him up and could see all of his injuries, that was all we could do except for pain medication, proper fluids and antibiotics.

He stayed down there for about 7 days.  Mainly because it was cold and they could give him proper supportive care.  He looked like he was doing good and we brought him home.  His overall attitude was cheerful and we thought he had made a turn for the best!  He was home 2 days and I was letting him pick grass, giving feed and meds.  He was looking good, I took him on a little walk and then went to put him away where he just laid down.  He wouldn't get up and I thought I would let him rest.  I came back out 15 minutes later and I found that he had died.  RIP my little Eli...


WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES of what stray dogs can do in a very short time.

They mainly went for his throat, ears and hind end.  These were taken after he was clipped and cleaned up at UT Vet School.  We really couldn't tell the damage that was done until he was cleaned up.  This happened in December and it was raining.  At one point they had taken him down but he had managed to get up and try and fight them off.  This happened in a very short amount of time.  We were instantly alerted and were there to help.  He had immediate medical attention but the dogs had done too much damage in the long run.  We kept him as comfortable as possible during this time.