Photo courtesy of Whispering Willow
Photo courtesy of Whispering Willow
Photo courtesy of Creekwood Acres
Photo courtesy of Creekwood Acres

Creekwood Acres April Surprise 2*M

DOB: 1/21/10

This is an impressive doe and we are very excited to have her in our herd.  She was brought in our herd in 2015 in milk and she is a pleasure to milk.  Her production is mind blowing, the milk just keeps coming!  Milking once a day she averages 5.5 pounds.  I kept checking my scale to make sure it was correct.  Udder texture is butter soft!  Easy keeper and sweet!

From Whispering Willow:

""Isabeau" is an unassuming doe in a pasture full of strong personalities. She knows when to fade in to the background and not make a fuss, but they had better not mess with her kids!! Isabeau may be quiet, but she shocked us all when she produced a whopping 5.4 Pounds of milk during her 2014 second freshening on ADGA One Day Milk Test, easily earning her star. I was simply shocked when the milk just kept pouring out. No wonder her kids grow like weeds!




Photo's courtesy of Whispering Willow


Earned Milk Star though ADGA One Day Milk Test at Whispering WIllows
11-9-14 - 4 Weeks Fresh
5.4 Pounds of Milk
6.8% Butterfat
5.1% Protein

Creekwood Acres April Surprise 2*M

Izzy aka Isabeau

DOB 1/21/10

Flat Rocks Buckingham Flat Rocks Gem ++B
AGS Spiritwind Little Egypt
Flat Rocks Irish *M Flat Rocks Hi Ho Silver
Flat Rocks Hannah

Kidding History/Progeny:

Breeding 2016 at Country Sweet

Reference page for progeny at Whispering Willow

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