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  • Health
  • Correct conformation
  • Milk production
  • Longevity
  • Personality


Our breeding program includes healthy, socialized family friendly goats that are sought after for the combination of their health, correct conformation, milk production, longevity, personality and color.

All goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Assoication (ADGA) and can be registered with the American Goat Society (AGS) and Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association (NDGA).

Our herd is tested annually for CAE, Brucella, Q-Fever and Johnes.  Babies are raised with their mothers and dis-budded at the appropriate age along with deworming and tatoos.  Healthy, happy, friendly and productive goats are what we want to produce!

CAE, Johne’s, Q-Fever, Brucella tested herd.

Production programs are important for overall herd evaluation and we participate in Linear Appraisal and hope to do more in the future.  Throughout our herd you will see an emphasize on Whispering Willow (Susurrare Salix I can't pronounce it either!), Flat Rocks (TX),  and Promisedland.


In 2007 my lifelong dream of owning my own farm came true!  At that time I had several horses and many say I bought the farm for my blind horse, so she would always have a place that was home.  Right before that I had made a huge mistake and went to the auction barn nearby.  There I saw a herd of goats and thought maybe a goat would be a good companion for my blind horse, since the other horses were beating her up.

Well there was this pushy Nubian nanny that caught my eye and when she came up I just had to bid on her.  Of course, I did not own a farm or was really prepared for owning a goat.  Fortunately they let me keep her at the farm with the horses.  About a week later I got a call that said "she's in labor" and she gave birth to twins.  So now I had 3 goats and the babies were Nubian/Boer crosses.  Life went on and I got married and the goats kept getting bigger and bigger.  They also got into the horse's feed and were overall in your face all the time, did I mention they kept getting bigger!

Finally decided that the goats did not work and found a home for them.  Hubby hated them with a passion and the running joke was we might have to go through the big D if I ever decided to get goats again.  Well, children came along and my oldest which was 4 really wanted goats.  So like little girls do they have daddy wrapped around their little finger and daddy said yes to goats!

We purchased 3 goats-2 Alpine/Pygmy crosses and a Nigerian Dwarf wether.  So then the love affair with Nigerian Dwarf's were born!  I knew that we had to get another one and along came Cookie Dough.  I consider her our "foundation" doe and the reason we really wanted to get into breeding, milking and possibly showing!

Shortly after getting these guys I knew we were all hooked and really wanted to grow a herd.  We started researching and learning about the different lines and what it took to really produce a good herd.  Like several others our theory is that it costs the same to raise a nice registered goat versus unregistered.  So our learning continues and our herd grows...

Our website it meant to be educational in nature, a way to learn about my herd and fun!  I express my opinions of how I care for my animals and what I believe.  I try to give several facts on any situation, but those can vary.  Any photos or information I have tried to properly credit and try to have permission from the owner for use, but I am human in nature.  If I have made a mistake please inform me so I can correct it.  Please give me the same respect-ask permission and reference my page for my information and pictures.  If I inspire you in any way, please let me know that too!

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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Breeder and Great Pyrenees (Livestock Guardian Dogs) we have Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and Great Pyrenees for sale.

We are located in East Tennessee, right outside of Knoxville in Kingston, TN.  Conveniently located near Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky and all of the Southeast.