Ladies in waiting!


​​3/9/16  The Honeysuckel Rose Peaches x NC Promisedland MS Maverick *B
Twins 1 doe, 1 buck

Both have moonspots and blue eyes!

H2 and H1

3/10/16  Praire Wood Caramel Apple x NC Promisedland MS Maverick *B

Triplets 1 doe, 2 bucks​ (Wethers)

H5, H3, H4

3/11/16  NC Promisedland S Syrena x NC Promisedland MS Maverick *B

Triplets 1 doe, 2 buck

H7, H8, H6


3/12/16 AGS Flat Rocks HP Oasis x NC Promisedland MS Maverick *B

Triplet Bucks

H9, H10, H11


3/13/16  AGS Flat Rocks HP Winter Ash x NC Promisedland MS Maverick *B

Twins Buck/Doe

H12, H13


3/13/16  Prairie Wood Peppermint Patty x NC Promisedland MS Maverick *B

Twins Bucks (Wethers) Who wants to tell these 2 apart?!

​H14, H15


3/22/16  The Honeysuckle Rose Oreo x NC Promisedland MS Maverick *B

Twin Does

H17, H16

3/17/16  Little Tot's Estate White Mocha x NC Promisedland MS Maverick *B

Single Buck



Single Doe (bred by Whispering Willow)

H19 Susurrare Salix Morning Star (retained)

5/6/16  Cordell Acres M Hazel x FLAT ROCK'S Double Trouble

Twin Does

H20, H21


8/6/16  NC Promisedland RC Zoeyetta x NC Promisedland MS Maverick *B

Single Buckling


8/13/16  Bribec Farm Cookie Dough x NC Promisedland MS Maverick *B

Twins Buck/Doe

H23, H24

8/21/16  High Hopes Dairy Frostie x Flat Rock's Double Trouble

Triplets Buck/2 Doe

H25, H26, H27

Total Counts

15 (56%)  Bucks       12 (44%) Does

Total 27

Season Totals

Buck Totals

NC Promisedland MS Maverick *B

14  (67%) Bucks       7 (33%) Does

Total 21

Buck Totals

FLAT ROCK'S Double Trouble

1  (20%) Bucks       4 (80%) Does

Total 5

Buck Totals

Outside Bucks

0 Bucks       1  Does

Total 1

Spring (Feb-May) 

12  (57%) Bucks       9 (43%) Does

Total 21

Fall (Aug-Nov)

3  (50%) Bucks       3 (50%) Does

Total 6

Number in Birth


Single 3 (23%)

Twins 6 (46%)

Triplets 4 (31%)

Total Births: 13

Number in Birth

Spring (Feb-May) 

Single 2 (20%)

Twins 5 (50%)

Triplets 3 (30%)

Total Births: 10

Number in Birth

Fall (Aug-Nov)

Single 1 (33%)

Twins 1 (33%)

Triplets 1 (33%)

Total Births: 3